License as a 631A Network Cabling Specialist

IBEW member, Gord Nye, discusses the advantages of licensing as a 631A Network Cabling Specialist. Whether you’re a Network Cabler looking to get certified or a 309A Electrician looking to become dual-carded, the opportunities are vast!

Network Cabling from the eyes of ECAO Contractors

Our ECAO counterparts discuss the vast opportunities in the growing field of Network Cabling.


Training is the lifeblood of our trade and we’re proud to offer state of the art facilities for those just entering the trade, as well as those committed to continuous learning in an ever-evolving field.  IBEW Local 353 Instructor, Brian Boersma tells us more about the IBEW training advantage.


At the IBEW, safety is paramount. Studies show that Unionized sites are 30% safer than non-union. IBEW member, Gord Nye, discusses how the IBEW ensures exceptional safety standards.


Extended health and dental care is expensive. IBEW member, Richard Prasad discusses the extensive benefits that you and your family would receive as an IBEW Network Cabling Specialist.


How are you and your family currently planning for life after work? Saving for your retirement is just one of the many benefits that the IBEW can offer you as a Network Cabling Specialist. We invest in your future.

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